A TikToker Goes Viral For Looking Like MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Even her facial expressions and gestures are on point.

Any fans of MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa will know that she recently released an anthem of self-love called “I Love My Body.”

Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Many fans anticipated this song because it was her first release after signing with PSY‘s company, P Nation.

Recently, netizens did a double take when they scrolled through TikTok and saw someone dancing to Hwasa’s new song. It was someone who looked just like Hwasa.

The TikToker who looks like Hwasa. | @leyna.jay/TikTok

Hwasa’s doppelganger turned out to be a TikToker with the account @leyna.jay, who is now going viral for her uncanny resemblance to the MAMAMOO singer. The video of her dancing to “I Love My Body” was posted on September 7 and gained over 2.3 million views in just three days.


@화사 (HWASA) #화사 #ilovemybody #hwasamamamoo #hwasamaria #fypシ

♬ I Love My Body – HWASA

Netizens from worldwide commented about how much she resembled MAMAMOO. Many tagged Hwasa in the post, hoping the singer would find out about her doppelganger.

  • “Wow, I am a former MooMoo and her vibes are amazing”
  • “It’s not really Hwasa unnie, right?”
  • “Wow, I really think it was Hwasa.”
  • “Even her mouth shape is on point lol”
  • “Unnie, you’re so charming💓”
  • “Hwacha?”
  • “Wow, they’re similar.”
  • “Wow, that’s crazy.”

The TikToker uploaded another video of her dancing to the same song, which also garnered over 1.9 million views in three days.


I love my body ❤️ @화사 (HWASA) #화사 #ilovemybody #hwasamamamoo #hwasamaria #HWASA #fypシ #HWASA #leynajay #mamamoo_official

♬ I Love My Body – HWASA

Netizens pointed out that she even nailed Hwasa’s facial expressions, like her smile. They also flooded her comments praising her beauty.

  • “Wow, she even nailed Hwasa’s unique facial expressions…”
  • “Hwasa??”
  • “Whoa, she has Hwasa’s unique makeup, expressions, and gestures. So amazing👍👍”
  • “Flip your phone around. It’s legendary.”

It appears that @leyna.jay has been recognized for looking like Hwasa for a while now, although it was the recent posts that really made her viral. In a post from March 2023, she uploaded a video of her morphing into photos of Hwasa, truly showing the resemblance.


#hwasamamamoo #mamamoohwasa #hwasaedit #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #leynajay

♬ sonido original – SweahBABA

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?

Source: @leyna.jay/TikTok