K-Drama “Time” Staff Reveals That Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Cried On Set Due To Kim Jung Hyun’s Attitude

He had allegedly wiped his hands after every scene that involved him touching her hand.

In the midst of actor Kim Jung Hyun‘s ongoing dispute with his agency, O& Entertainment, his previous attitude controversy has been cast into the spotlight once again. His cold behavior to Time co-star, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun, resurfaced on community sites when O& Entertainment claimed that his attitude was due to personal problems involving women.

According to SBS Celebrity News, he had decided to pull out of the drama, Time, with 4 episodes left to the finale. A representative from the drama told the media that he had been uncomfortable with his co-star through the filming of the drama.

According to the press, Kim Jung Hyun was incredibly sensitive towards the romantic scenes involving his co-star and had made requests through his agency to reduce them as much as possible. The writer for Time was about to be hospitalized at that point of time, but had ended up revising the script multiple times to suit Kim Jung Hyun’s requests. Ultimately, he decided to leave the drama, causing the writer to have a hard time changing the angle of the plot.

The drama staff in charge of Seohyun at that point of time, further revealed to the media that the original plot of the drama had required Kim Jung Hyun’s character to be completely head over heels for Seohyun’s character. However, the staff claimed that Kim Jung Hyun did not even meet eyes with Seohyun, resulting in difficulties during filming. It was alleged Kim Jung Hyun had wiped his hands with a wet tissue, after any scene that involved him touching Seohyun’s hands. The staff revealed that Seohyun had ended up crying on set.

It was further reported that, at that point of time, when colleagues questioned his attitude, citing rumors of his personal problems involving women, Kim Jung Hyun had denied it.

Kim Jung Hyun has yet to speak up personally about the current issues surrounding him.

Source: Star Today

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