A Tiny Detail In Vogue Korea’s Posts About BTS’s Jimin You Might Have Missed

Their attention to detail is impressive.

BTS‘s Jimin is ready to grace the covers of Vogue Korea‘s April issue, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

On March 7, the magazine announced the collaboration and unveiled three different covers, showcasing the unique charms of the BTS member.

Since then, the official Twitter account of Vogue Korea has frequently been posting articles about Jimin, hyping up the upcoming feature.

The account has also posted several video teasers of the photoshoot, capturing Jimin in his element—playful at some times and elegant at all times.

Even though fans have been given very limited sneak peeks of the pictorial, the anticipation around it is huge because it will mark the first cover shoot of Jimin as the official house ambassador of Tiffany & Co. In just the three photos unveiled by Vogue, Jimin can be seen wearing the brand’s jewelry worth over $150,000 USD!

BTS Jimin′s Vogue Cover Shoot Is Unexpectedly Expensive, All Thanks To Tiffany & Co.

Vogue Korea is treating this collaboration with a lot of hype and care, down to the subtle details. So far, only a few fans seem to have caught up with this, but the magazine has posted all of the Jimin-related content exactly at 10:13 AM, KST.

10:13 is famously known among ARMYs as “Jimin o’clock” because it denoted his birthday, October 13. Jimin himself is aware of this phenomenon and likes to use the reference whenever he can with fans!

Did Vogue Korea fall down the rabbit hole of BTS lores while researching? Or do they already have hardcore ARMYs on the social media marketing team? Either way, Jimin is getting the much-deserved royal treatment from the magazine, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.