The Title of Hwang Jung Eum’s New Drama Faces Controversy Before It Even Airs

The title is being criticized for belittling men.

The popular actress, Hwang Jung Eum is starring in a new drama alongside Yoon Hyun Min, but the title of it is already facing controversy online before it has even started airing.

The romantic comedy, which is set to premiere in coming July, is about a woman who takes on an anti-marriage perspective due to a certain guy that she dealt with three times over in her past lives.

But two weeks ahead of its premiere, the title of the drama was criticized for belittling men.

The title is translated into English as “To All Guys Who Loved Me“, but in Korean, a more direct translation would be “Guys are all the same.

According to the dictionary, it is an expression used when comparing two or more people and there isn’t much of a difference. But the expression is often used in a belittling tone in everyday settings.


For that reason, netizens are criticizing the drama for belittling men and questioning how people would’ve reacted if the title was “Girls are all the same” instead.

In response to the controversy, a KBS representative clarified,

We had no intention of belittling men.

– KBS Representative.

In an interview with Star News, the representative explained,

The expression is commonly used in everyday life, and straightforward expressions have been more often used as titles these days. We went with the title in order to leave a stronger impression in viewers.

– KBS Representative

The drama is set to air on KBS2 on July 6.

Source: Insight
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