An In-Depth Analysis Of How Each aespa Member Found The Little Black Dress That Suits Their Body Type At “The Fact Music Awards 2023”

Here’s how each dress suits each member.

We all know by now that the members of aespa are gorgeous, gorgeous girls. They merely ran into some bad styling at the time of their debut! This set of outfits was heavily criticized in 2020 when they attended The 30th KBS Song Festival.

Years later, they have found their perfect individual style that fits each of them like a glove. Here’s the new and improved styling that the girls wore during the 2023 The Fact Music Awards.

They look absolutely gorgeous! To help you adapt their styling tips to fit your own body type and wardrobe, here’s an in-depth analysis on why each outfit perfectly complements each of the members.

1. Giselle

Our girl struggled the most with finding a style that suits her. In her early debut days, fans often found that her styling made her look bloated. She truly came into her own after dyeing her light hair black and opting for a straighter style compared to waves. As the resident “hot girl” of the group, Americanized styles such as cowl necks and bias-cut dresses make her look amazing.

Lower necklines not only give her the illusion of a longer neck, but they also bring out her blessed assets. Tight-fitting dresses that have a straight drop also make her amazing figure stand out more. This is as her legs are way longer in comparison to her upper body.

We can compare her recent look to a past appearance at an Acqua Di Parma event. Both dresses follow the above theory of a low neckline and a straight, formfitting cut.

Giselle at the Acqua Di Parma event.

Last but not least, the slit up the leg reveals her long gams, one of her best features. The draped fabric also adds some volume to her hip area while sprucing up the simple design.

The Alessandra Rich silk mini makes her look like a “10 out of 10 honestly!

2. Karina

Blessed with a tiny face, a long neck, and slender limbs, Karina can basically make anything look gorgeous. Most people actually don’t know that the sweetheart neckline can actually minimize the look of one’s chest. Although it draws attention to the area with the low cut, it doesn’t emphasize one’s chest as compared to other types of restrictive necklines. This is why we love how the neckline actually creates a modest look for Karina instead.

The crystal embellishments does most of the heavy-lifting for the otherwise simple dress. We love how her stylist forgoes a necklace to really let the embellishment near the neckline shine. The bangs also create a more compact impression despite the low neckline, so her upper half doesn’t look too long. Karina basically has an hourglass body, meaning that her chest and hips are wider in comparison. The dress downplays those areas in a way that helps her look sleeker (not that she needs it) for the red carpet. The house of AREA has done it again with their Draped Crystal Mini!

Did you also know that she’s wearing around $36,000 USD in jewelry alone? Those diamond drop earrings cost $18,910! She also sports a matching ring.

3. NingNing

Can we just say that she has been slaying in the visual department recently? She’s been serving looks everywhere she goes. This time, she wore a Versace dress with a corset back. NingNing has the longest legs ever, with a relatively shorter upper body. this is why mini dresses do the best on her. They also make her look taller.

Feeding off the same theory as Giselle’s, straight cut dresses help hug her body and make her look sexy and alluring. Compared to Giselle, NingNing has more angular shoulders and flatter trapezoid muscles, even though she has a shorter neck than the former. This is why a short choker or necklace suits NingNing more than Giselle! A quick trip to her Instagram also shows that she frequently sports these.

Her dress above looks similar in style and cut to this one she rocked for MiuMiu. These type of dresses paired with a necklace is definitely one of her most flattering styles!

4. Winter

Last but not least, Winter! She’s petite and small, but is surprisingly tall. Winter is actually taller than the average Korean woman, standing at around 5 ‘4 (166~167cm). Her petite frame is boosted by the abundant feathers at the top of the dress. This creates some volume up at the top to balance out her perfectly angular shoulders.

She was the only member not in a mini dress that day. The midi-length made her look elegant and refined. The hair style, while it suits the off-shoulder look, probably made her look a little older then her actual age. We’d have loved to see a more fun and vibrant look for her. Winter still looks gorgeous regardless, and the low bun was actually perfect to show off her Chopard jewelry. The green gems were a great pop of color.

While the corset stripes could’ve made her look overly slim, the coarse and textured material of the dress actually balanced it out. The tight-fitting cut also brought out her curves while highlighting her tiny waist.

All members are gorgeous inside and out, but we’re glad that they seem to have found their best styling of late. How one is styled vastly affects how their look on camera, and as celebrities, this has a high impact on their job!