“Tony Montana” Live? BTS’s Suga Negotiates With Jimin For A Guest Appearance On His World Tour

“You’re like a bulldozer…”

The iconic duo of MiniMini, aka BTS members Suga and Jimin, were reunited on screen for the most recent episode of Suchwita, the YouTube talk show of the former.

| @j.m/Instagram

While discussing his solo endeavors, Jimin confessed that doing it all alone is difficult. Even after ten years of performing at music shows, he said he felt the most nervous during his recent schedules. “I’m meeting ARMY on my own, it makes me so nervous.” 

Suga immediately reassured him that he would visit him during his music show filming to support him. Jimin, touched by this gesture, said that he would also visit Suga when he is on a solo schedule.

Suga took this opportunity up at lightning speed and insisted that Jimin had to come during his world tour. But this was no ordinary request to attend his show. Suga put his foot down from the get-go, saying Jimin has to perform “Tony Montana’ on stage with him. This proposal came so out of the blue that Jimin could hardly keep his flustered face in control.

Suga then started his negotiations like a seasoned salesman. What began with a request to “drop in for a minute and do ‘Tony Montana’” soon turned into the suggestion of Jimin performing two songs during the concert, with “Tony Montana” transitioning into “Like Crazy.”

Jimin, having a Ph.D. in handling Suga, understood what was happening right away and called out his hyung’s tactics to increase his demands bit by bit. Suga persisted in his idea to have his bandmate perform two songs at his concert, but Jimin said everyone was looking forward to seeing Suga, so it was not his place to perform for so long.

Suga, however, didn’t give up and rationalized with Jimin that he would go to see the concert anyway. So, he might as well come up on the stage briefly, say hi, and leave. Jimin finally caved in and said he would think about it.

Though the younger member seemed to take the conversation more jokingly, Suga looked determined to make it happen. But the question is, which tour stop will be lucky enough to see this duo on stage together? Place your bets!


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