It Took UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok 5 Years To Get His First Paycheck, Here’s What He Did With It

There were two things he did.

UP10TION‘s Kim Wooseok finally got his first paycheck after five years as an idol, and he used it to pay off his parent’s debt.

Kim Wooseok will guest on MBC‘s Radio Star, and as part of the preview, his story about his first paycheck was revealed prior to the broadcast. He will be joined by Chae Jung Ah, Park Sung Ho, and K.Will as part of the show’s “You can do it, too” special.

Kim Wooseok shared his story about not giving up, revealing he has made no money during his time with UP10TION so far.

I didn’t get paid from my UP10TION promotions.

— Kim Wooseok

He then revealed the two things he did with his first paycheck from his short X1 promotions.

I used my first X1 paycheck to order food from a delivery application.

I also paid off my parent’s debts that accrued from the time I was a trainee and receiving no income.

— Kim Wooseok

During the episode, Kim Wooseok will also talk about how he dropped out of high school to follow his dream of becoming a barista. However while he was working part-time, he received a lot of lovecalls from various large entertainment agencies including JYP Entertainment. He decided to become a trainee and try to debut as an idol after he saw his mother crying, after these lovecalls arrived.

Kim Wooseok made his debut with UP10TION in 2015, but the group saw little to moderate success. He then appeared on Produce X 101, debuting with X1 after finishing in second place. Unfortunately, X1 only lasted 4 months before disbanding due to the vote manipulation scandal. Since X1’s disbandment, Kim Wooseok has debuted as a soloist and is also preparing for his promotions as an actor.

Source: Newsen