Here Are The Top 12 “Produce 48” Trainees After Episode 2

Although a bit of a change, here are your top 12 right now!

Produce 48 has just aired its second episode and these 12 trainees are currently at the top! If the show ended today, this would be the group.

The final group will consist of 12 trainees, and there is no specific requirement for how many Korean and Japanese members the final group will be made up of.


A total of 3,308,496 votes have been cast so far, with many many more to come!


12. SKE48’s Matsui Jurina

During the first week she placed at #4, so she’s dropped 8 places this week. She received a B ranking.


11. AKB48’s Takeuchi Miyu

Takeuchi Miyu wasn’t in the top 12 last week. She’s jumped 28 places to fit into the #11 position. She received an A ranking.


10. WM Entertainment’s Lee Chaeyeon

Lee Chaeyeon was also not in the top 12 during the first episode, jumping 19 places to reach #10. She received an A ranking.


9. NGT48’s Yamada Noe

Yamada Noe has seen a big increase in her position, jumping 36 places since last week. She received a C ranking.


8. AKB48’s Goto Moe

Goto Moe moved up 8 places to land herself in the top 12 this week. She received an F ranking due to being unable to sing because of allergies caused her to lose her voice.


7. Yuehua Entertainment’s Wang Yiren

Last week she received a B ranking from the judges and has moved up 4 places to take number 7..


6. Yuehua Entertainments’s Choi Yena

Last week Yena received an A ranking from the trainers and has since moved up one spot on the rankings to number 6.


5. HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura

Miyawaki Sakura had an early lead last week coming in on top. This week she’s dropped a few spots to number 5. She received an A rankings.


4. Starship Entertainment’s Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung has dropped a single spot in the rankings this week. She received a B rankings.


3. Woolim Entertainment’s Kwon Eunbi

Eunbi is another trainee that has risen in the ranks. Last week she wasn’t included in the top 12 and now she’s jumped 22 spots to take number 3! She received an A ranking.


2. Starship Entertainment’s Ahn Yujin

Ahn Yujin also rose in the ranks since last week and managed to snag the second spot. She received a B ranking.


1. Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Gaeun

Gaeun has received an A ranking and has once again impressed. Last week she placed at #5 and is now in the top spot!