These Are The TOP 20 Artists And Songs In Korea For 2020 As Chosen By Koreans

Did your favorite artist or song make the Top of the list?

Gallup Korea, considered Korea’s most representative polling organization, released their results for the best, most shining artists and songs in 2020.

Brand new to this year’s rankings is the division between ages. Previously, the scores for respondents of all ages were compiled together, but starting this year, the results were separated into two groups: ages 13-39 and 40+.

Top Shining Artists: Ages 13-39

The top artists chosen by Korea’s youth and younger workforce primarily includes idol singers and soloists, with the mix of some balladeers and of course, Korea’s current top trending trot artists.

21. Park Hyo Shin

20. Kim Ho Joong

19. Jang Yoon Jung

18. EXO

17. Lim Chang Jung

16. Jang Beom June

15. Jessi

14. Lee Chanwon


12. Jung Dongwon


10. Paul Kim

9. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

8. Red Velvet


6. Young Tak


4. Im Young Woong


2. IU

1. BTS

Top Shining Artists: Ages 40+

In contrast with the youth’s choices, the nation’s elderly leaned heavily towards trot, with only K-Pop’s heavy hitter in BTS, IU, and BLACKPINK ranking with over 2% of the vote.


18. Cho Yong Pil

17. IU

16. Sul Woondo

15. Joo Hyun Mi

14. Hong Jin Young

13. Nam Jin

12. Kim Yonja

11. Jang Minho

10. BTS

9. Song Gain

8. Kim Ho Joong

6. Jung Dongwon

6. Lee Chanwon

5. Jin Sung

4. Jang Yoon Jung

3. Nam Jin

2. Young Tak

1. Lim Young Woong

Top Shining songs: Ages 13-39″

Winning numerous Song of the Year awards already, it is no surprise that BTS’s “Dynamite” tops the youth chart.

10. Young Tak’s “Pitiful”

9. BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”

7. BTS’s “Boy With Luv”

7. Jessi’s “NUNU NANA”

6. Lim Young Woong’s “Trust in Me”

5. BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”

4. ZICO’s “Any Song”

3. HWASA’s “Maria”

2. IU’s “eight'”

1. BTS’s “Dynamite”


Source: Gallup Korea