These Are The TOP 20 Most Popular Actors And Actresses In Korea For 2021

Did your favorite actor or actress make the list?

Gallup Korea has released its ranking for the most popular actors and actresses in television K-Dramas for 2021, and here are the rankings.

20. Park Bo Gum (Record of Youth – 2020)

18 (tie). Kim Yoo Jung (Lovers of the Red Sky)

18 (tie). Go Doo Shim (Only One Person)

16 (tie). Park Seo Joon (Itaewon Class – 2020)

16 (tie). Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You – 2020)

14 (tie). Kim Young Ok (Young Lady and Gentleman, Jirisan, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Squid Game)

14 (tie). Gong Yoo (The Silent Sea)

13. Cha Hwa Yeon (Young Lady and Gentleman, Now, We Are Breaking Up)

12. Choi Myung Gil (Red Shoes)

10 (tie). Song Joong Ki (Vincenzo)

10 (tie). Youn Yuh Jung (Minari)

9. Namgoong Min (The Veil)

7 (tie). Jo Jung Suk (Hospital Playlist 2)

7 (tie). Lee Hanui [Honey Lee] (One the Woman)

6. Kim So Yeon (Penthouse)

5. Song Hye Kyo (Now, We Are Breaking Up)

4. Jun Ji Hyun (Kingdom, Jirisan)

2 (tie). Lee Jung Jae (Squid Game)

2 (tie). Shin Min Ah (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

1. Kim Seon Ho (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

Source: Gallup