These Are The TOP 20 Most Popular K-Pop Artists In Korea Right Now

The hottest artists in Korea right now.

Based on brand ranking data between January 3 and February 4, these are the most popular K-Pop Artists in Korea at the moment.


20. XIA Junsu

Xia Junsu has been holding multiple concerts in Japan, but he hasn’t neglected his Korean promotions either, starring in the musical “Elizabeth”.


19. iKON

iKON kicked off 2019 with a brilliant start, taking numerous awards at the final award shows from the 2018 year, including the Digital Daesang at the Golden Disc Awards.


18. Mamamoo

The lovely ladies of Mamamoo have been enjoying some much needed rest, but they’ll be back to promoting soon! Hwasa has been confirmed to be preparing for her solo debut, set to happen later in February.



WINNER has been preparing for their next comeback, set to be with a full album as soon as later in February.


16. Noel

Noel has consistently been one of Korea’s most popular ballad groups, and they most recently released an OST for KBS2 drama “Live or Die”


15. BTOB

One of K-Pops most entertaining groups in BTOB have been busy this past month, with Minhyuk’s solo album release as well as fun antics such as Sungjae’s 12 hour live broadcast as a “punishment”. Sadly, Changsub also enlisted in the military this past month.


14. Apink

Apink made their comeback with %%(응응) and claimed 3 music show #1 trophies. Namjoo has also teased fans of what might look like a special solo release, or even her solo debut!


13. Woody

Woody has taken over the charts in Korea with his latest single “Fire Up” and it’s pretty clear why everyone’s bopping along to this song.


12. IU

The nation’s favorite female soloist has been out of the spotlight for a while, until she was mentioned in a possible insider trading scandal regarding property, which was later proven not true. She has also been in discussions with tvN regarding a new drama appearance.


11. EXO

EXO’s latest reality show “Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder” began airing earlier in January, but the biggest news involving EXO in the past month was Kai and Jennie ending their relationship.


10. IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE wrapped up an incredible debut with a total of 5 Rookie of the Year awards, and are preparing for their official Japanese debut on February 6.



SEVENTEEN just made their comeback with “HOME” and have already racked up 5 music show trophies, with more to come in the following weeks!


8. Wanna One

Wanna One ended their group promotions after 18 long months with a 4 day final concert that left every audience member teary-eyed and wishing for more. The members will return to their respective companies, but there won’t be too much of a wait to see the members together again, as they are all preparing new music or appearances in dramas.


7. Chungha

Chungha claimed her first ever music show trophy as a soloist with “Gotta Go” in January, and promptly won an additional 5 more in the following week, securing her spot as one of Korea’s most popular solo artists.



TWICE is getting some time off for their own personal vacations (yes, they do get rest contrary to what many people think). They also announced their Japanese Dome Tour “#Dreamday” will be adding an additional date on March 20, proving that TWICE is truly Korea’s queens of Japan.


5. Jennie

Jennie makes it into the Top 5 as a soloist, thanks to her strong performances with “SOLO” on the digital charts. She also made headlines in January when it was revealed that she was in a relationship with EXO’s Kai, but just weeks later, the two ended their relationship, to focus on their careers instead.



GFRIEND received the first Music Show Grand Slam of 2019, winning #1 on all 6 music shows in the same week. Their comeback with “Sunrise” just continues to prove just how sharp their choreography is, and their wide range of vocals.


3. Ben

Ben breaks into the Top 3 of the brand rankings for the first time ever in her career, thanks to the continued success of “Love, ing” and her latest track “180 Degree”.



BLACKPINK’s future is looking bright after Yang Hyun Suk hinted at some extremely exciting plans for the group in the United States. They will also be embarking on their first ever World Tour, hitting Europe, North America, and Asia. They were also announced to be performing at Coachella, the largest music festival in the United States.


1. BTS

The Kings of K-Pop know no other spot than #1, and yet they haven’t actually done anything in January… except for winning some more Daesangs at the Gaon Chart Music Awards and the Golden Disc Awards. The group is preparing for their next comeback, which while Big Hit hasn’t released a timeframe yet, is rumored to be in April or May.


Source: Rekorea
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