Here’s What The Top 3 Place Winners Look Like For 2022 Miss Korea, Seoul

Our favorite is definitely #1.

Yearly, South Korea hosts a beauty pageant called Miss Korea. The pageant holds preliminary rounds in each of the cities around South Korea. In particular, Seoul’s preliminaries are often a hot topic thanks to the modern image of the capital. Here are the winners of the preliminary rounds in Seoul. Three winners were awarded third place, two, second, and one, first.

3. In third place…

…we have Hansol, who rocked a grey ball gown.

She looks gorgeous!

We also have Kim Ji Oh in joint third place. Her daring dress choice showed off her perfect body.

Her wide smile won the hearts of the judges.

The last third place spot goes to Lee Daseul.

Seems like she loves pink!

2. In second place…

…we have Yoo Si Eun. Fans think she looks like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie thanks to her chubby cheeks.

We can definitely see some resemblence.

In joint second place is Kim Ji Soo. She rocked an Elsa-like gown.

We’re loving her friendly smile.

1. In first place…

…we have Lee Seunghyun! She’s now been crowned the most gorgeous girl in Seoul.

She looks like a classic Korean beauty.

Seoulites are now excited to see which one of these lovely ladies will make it to the final round of Miss Korea 2022! Congratulations to all 6 girls.

Source: theqoo