Top 4 Best Products From Korea, Picked By China

The Korean Marketing Association has recently published the results of a survey they conducted regarding the Chinese market’s favorite Korean products.The survey, taken by approximately 10,000 participants, was conducted with the assistance of the Chinese Central Committee; according to the survey, 42 different Korean products were chosen.

The Korean Marketing Association split the survey into two separate categories: consumer goods and service products. On the consumer goods list, noodles, toothpaste, make-up, and other physical goods were listed as favorites amongst the Chinese people.  While on the service side, EXO, Jeju Island, Korean drama You Who Came from the Stars, Caffe Bene made the list.

According to the Korean Marketing Association, “Chinese consumers have high demand for goods that are gold in color and have metallic decoration, and they are not only in the market for Korean luxury goods.”

Source: Herald Pop

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