Top Actor Ha Jung Woo Accused Of Illegally Using Propofol With Brother’s Identity, Responds To Claims

He denied the accusations.

Top Hallyu actor Ha Jung Woo was accused by the media of illegally using propofol, a controlled substance in Korea, under the name of his brother, Cha Hyun Woo (Ha Jung Woo’s birth name is Kim Sung Hoon, and his brother’s birth name is Kim Young Hoon).

According to Law Talk Daily, Ha Jung Woo was under investigation by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office for use of propofol under his brother’s name. They stated that Ha Jung Woo would go to a plastic surgery clinic to have propofol administered to him illegally.

This report stemmed from a previous report that stated that a top actor was one of 10 people being investigated for illegal propofol use. Both netizens and media were able to narrow down the list of actors to Ha Jung Woo after Channel A stated that it was an actor who started his own company (Workhouse Company) with his brother.

It was also reported that Ha Jung Woo was introduced to the specific plastic surgery clinic by Chae Seung Seok, who is a friend of Ha Jung Woo’s, and also the CEO of Aekyung Development.

In response, Ha Jung Woo released a statement through his agency, stating that he never did anything illegal, and anything he did administer was used solely for treatment.

Ha Jung Woo was suffering from scarring on his face, so he was introduced to the head of a clinic in January 2019. That clinic was famous for their laser scar treatment. He received a message from the director of the clinic that they wanted to help with his scarring.

The period of treatment was between January 2019 to September 2019, where he went a total of 10 times to receive laser treatment. He used sleep anesthesia during the procedures, and there was no substance abuse at all. He stopped going to the clinic in the fall after seeing positive effects due to the treatment.

We will also explain why he was treated under the name of his brother.

From the first visit, the director valued privacy, asking him to wear a hat and mask. Ha Jung Woo was asked to provide the names of his younger brother and manager, and we thought of it as a way to protect his privacy, so we provided the names without any hesitation. We don’t know how the clinic used the names, but we had no reason to hide the treatment.

Although it was a request from the director, we regret that other people’s personal information was rashly revealed, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Fortunately, there are still text message records that were exchanged between the director and Ha Jung Woo in the course of scheduling the visits and observing the post-treatment process, and also confirming the processing of information at the request of the director. If one analyzes the messages, you can clearly see the dates he entered the hospital for treatment.

Please refrain from any further speculation about this matter or reporting any unconfirmed information. We plan to cooperate with investigation agencies that request to confirm the facts.

For a person in the media, it’s never helpful to have their name in the media tied to a controversial issue. Above all, we thought it was nothing to be bothered about, so we hoped the issue would naturally subside. However, speculation furthered, so we spoke up.

More than anything, we would like to apologize to the fans who have believed in and supported Ha Jung Woo.

— Workhouse Entertainment


Source: E Daily and News1