T.O.P Was Asked If He’s A Dancer Or A Vocalist And He Revealed That His Actual Role Is One No One Ever Expected

No one expected it, but it’s a dang important role!

T.O.P has been with BIGBANG for over 13 years, and some fans may be confused what role he holds since he appears to be talented in all the spectrum of being an artist!

On that note, T.O.P recently updated his Instagram with a bowl of food, captioning it “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, supa rimbaud“. And a fan asked what role he had in BIGBANG.

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, supa rimbaud

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The fan asked if he was a dancer or a vocalist. But T.O.P surprised them all with a response that no one ever expected! He clarified that he holds the role of “Avocaldo“!

No one’s certain what that role means, but it may be safe to say it’s close to a singing avocado?

And this whole time we thought he was a peach…

T.O.P has been making music as seen on his Instagram. It’s unknown if he’s preparing to drop new music or just playing around on his own but BIGBANG is scheduled to perform at Coachella this April!

Considering T.O.P’s many talents, he can be a dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual, avocado, peach, or whatever he wants to be!