T.O.P Is Facing Criticism For Taking An “Excessive” Number Of Sick Days

A Korean news outlet has levelled criticism towards T.O.P.

T.O.P of BIGBANG is currently serving his mandatory military service as a public service officer in the Yongsang Arts and Crafts centre.

On the March 19th episode of MBC’s News Desk, T.O.P came under fire for supposedly taking an “excessive” amount of sick days without providing a medical certificate. Workers at the centre are allowed a maximum of 19 sick days and T.O.P has been out sick 15 times.

A survey of 200+ other public servants who work at the centre found that T.O.P takes three times more sick days than the average worker, disregarding serious injuries and illnesses. Many netizens are saying this is understandable because of T.O.P’s recent struggles with anxiety.

T.O.P is expected to be discharged in June 2019 as he will have served his entire mandatory service at that time.

Source: Naver