Korean Loan Agency Parodies President Trump In Their Latest Ad

Top South Korean loan agency called Rush N Cash has a new commercial featuring a Donald Trump parody character – and it’s as strange as it gets.

Rush N Cash – a representative private loan brand of Korea was founded in 1998 and sits as the top private loan lender in South Korea, Japan, and China. The company, while quite large, also has some very odd commercials – including a new commercial released for the new year in which Rush N Cash has turned their mascot into a parody version of the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

The commercial features the mascot behind a podium with a sign reading “M. Rump – Make Rush N Cash Great Again!” The video then cuts to an audience of cheering people wearing yellow hats – similar to the red baseball caps made popular during the Trump campaign. The ad comes at a time when both South Korea and the United States sit dramatic political shifts.

The advertisement comes at a time when massive Trump protest rallies are happening at Women’s Marches around the world – including Seoul.

Check out the ad here:

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