TOP Media Boy Group 100% Has Disbanded

They have disbanded after 9 years.

TOP Media‘s boy group 100% has disbanded following the expiration of their contracts.

In a statement shared on the group’s official Twitter account, they revealed the status of the four members’ contracts, and their upcoming disbandment.

Thank you so much to the fans who love and support the 100% members.

We and the 100% members Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin have decided to end the group’s activities when their exclusive contracts with us end on October 9, 2021.

For nine years since their debut in September 2012, 100% was loved for their activities, performances, and singing skills both in Korea and Japan.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members who have been carrying out activities with us for so long, and we will continue to support them in the future.

We ask for your warm attention and encouragement for the new chapters of the members’ lives.

— TOP Media

The members also jointly released a letter thanking their fans for spending nine valuable years with them.

This will be our last time greeting you as 100%.

It feels very hard to leave somewhere you have been for a long time. If it’s as long as now, even more time will pass and soon, it will feel short. As 100% members, it was such a valuable nine years together with our members. We sincerely thank our fans for loving us even though we were lacking.

Thank you for being with us in our 20s and we were so happy. We hope that the future will only bring happiness, and we will each return with a new image.

We were able to cheer up and be happy because of you guys. Because of you guys, our youth was fun and we are grateful to you. Please stay happy. All of you.

Thank you for loving 100%. We will be back with a new look.

— 100%

100% debuted in 2012 under TOP Media as seven members. Over the years, members left, and their leader Minwoo tragically passed due to cardiac arrest in 2018.

Source: TOP Media