The Top Three Influencers Whose “Images Were Ruined After Appearing On A Broadcast” — According to Netizens

32,932 people have spoken.

In a poll conducted on the online community site DCInside, netizens voted on who they thought were the top influencers whose images were ruined after appearing on a broadcast. According to the poll, which had 32,932 votes and was held from May 15 to 22, these are the top three.

3. Oking

In third place was Oking, a Twitch and YouTube streamer and Internet broadcaster.


Known for his natural talent in hosting and wit, he gained recognition through his outdoor Twitch streams, where he walked around the streets, and his gaming content. He became more well-known through shows such as MBC‘s Radio Star. 

| @oking1025/Instagram

Oking found himself in multiple controversies, including his hate speech against stray cats, criticizing “cat moms” for increasing the stray cat population by feeding them and stating he wants to “kill them.” He was also under fire for making fun of people with autism through his parody of the K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

| 오킹TV/YouTube

Cats are an invasive species. Not house cats, but feral cats.

— Oking

The Internet personality also had allegations of misogyny, and recently, Oking uploaded a video exposing a web entertainment production company’s wage issues, but the company refuted his claims which led to legal disputes. Ultimately, netizens placed him third with 4,886 votes (15%).


2. Freezia

In second place with 8,023 votes (25%) were influencer and YouTuber Freezia (also known as Song Ji A), who became famous through her appearance on the Netflix reality dating show Single’s Inferno.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

She captured the hearts of fans worldwide—and the guys on the dating show—with her beauty and flirting skills.

| Netflix

Freezia was recognized for her outfits on Single’s Inferno; most of what she wore was from luxury brands. However, she was accused of wearing fake designer clothes. In response, she posted a hand-written apology and even did an exclusive interview with Dispatch, showing the exact pieces of clothes in her closet that were real and fake.

| dear지아/YouTube

After about five months of self-reflection, Freezia returned to the scene and signed with a new agency Sublime on May 11. On May 20, she announced that she made a new YouTube channel (THE FREEZIA); her previous YouTube channel (free지아) had 2.17 million subscribers (as of this article).



The top spot was given to NOZE (also known as NO:ZE), a member of the dance group Wayb who was a backup dancer for EXO’s Kai, SHINEE’s Taemin, and Zico.

Zico (left) and NOZE (right) | @nozeworld/Instagram

The video of her dancing in Kai’s “Mmmh” went viral because of her stunning visuals, but it wasn’t until she participated in Mnet’s dance competition show Street Woman Fighter that she gained worldwide recognition.

| Mnet

While she was at the peak of her career as one of the hottest dancers and the choreographer of the famous “Hey Mama” dance, NOZE was caught in a controversy, being accused of discriminating against smaller brands that sponsored her. She had allegedly deleted sponsored Instagram posts from smaller brands while keeping the posts with luxury brand items.

Dancer Noze Is Alleged To Have Deleted Sponsored Instagram Posts From Smaller Brands — Her Agency Responds

| @nozeworld/Instagram

NOZE took a hiatus after apologizing, and after a nine-month break, she made a comeback as a dancer and resumed her activities. With 8,370 votes (25%), NOZE was chosen as the top influencer whose image became negative after appearing on a show.


Other influencers who received mentions in this poll include KwakTube, Ken Rhee, and JaeJae.

Final results from the poll | DCInside
Source: Wikitree and DCInside
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