Tottenham Hotspur Shares Their Firm Stance On Racism After Son Heung Min Becomes Target Of Racist Attacks

They won’t tolerate any of it.

Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heung Min has been the target of intense racism following a loss against Manchester United.

Soccer player, Son Heung Min | Sky Sports

The Tottenham Hotspur’s lost against Manchester United in a 3-1 defeat this past Sunday and it was during this match that Son Heung Min became the target of massive scrutiny. Son found himself in the middle of controversy when Manchester United player Scott McTominay hit Son in the face during his goal. Son Heung Min went down while clutching his face and stayed down for several minutes. After a video assistant review, the goal was declared invalid, causing an uproar amongst Manchester United fans.

Photo of Son Heung Min’s controversial foul that lead to racist attacks | BBC

While Manchester United eventually went on to win the overall match, the situation was only made worse during an interview with the team’s manager. Manchester United’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær spoke negatively of Son and the disallowed goal during an interview following the game. Rather than condemn Manchester United fans for their insensitive remarks, Ole added fuel to the fire by commenting, “if that was my son and he stays down and he needs his mates to help him up, he doesn’t get food because that’s embarrassing.”

Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Eurosport

Following the match, Son Heung Min began to receive aggressive and racially motivated attacks for his participation in the controversial goal rule out. Many Manchester United fans believed that he “cheated” his way out of their goal by making a bigger deal of the hit than what it actually was. His social media accounts quickly became filled with racist slurs following the match, with many people commenting on his Korean heritage.

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In light of the racially fueled attacks against the player, Tottenham Hotspur took to their official Twitter account to address the hate and their stern stance against it.

As the hate against Asians continue to rise in light of the COVID-19 virus, these sudden attacks made against Son Heung Min are only adding onto the overall problem. We stand with Tottenham and their firm stance against racism.

Source: ESPN and Goal