Tourism Korea Videos Are Going Viral—And They’re Pretty Much Completely Insane

Weird, wacky, and wonderful!

Tourism videos are a great way to introduce an area to prospective travelers and show what a city or country has to offer. Planning for future visitors to the country, the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) has been going all out to introduce South Korea with a series of wonderful…and super wacky videos!

The KTO is a governmental organization under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is responsible for the hottest tourism campaigns like the ongoing Imagine Your Korea campaign. This summer they introduced a segment called Feel the Rhythm of Korea and have dropped a total of three videos so far highlighting the cities of Jeonju, Busan, and Seoul.

While the videos definitely highlight what visitors can see and do in the cities, these aren’t the typical tourism videos! Sure they start off normal enough, featuring some super aesthetic shots of the cities…

But things quickly take an unexpected turn when the music starts pumping and the dancers, clad in unique outfits like swimming caps and goggles, begin dancing their way through the city.

These bizarre yet oh-so delightful videos are a result of a collaboration between the Korean Tourism Organization, the alternative pop band LEENALCHI, and the Ambiguous Dance Company.


Each song featured in the video is a blend of alternative pop and Pansori, a traditional Korean genre of musical storytelling. All of the cities have a unique story told through song and dance.

For Jeonju, it’s a story about rabbit hunting in medial Korea. For Busan, it’s the tale of the Dragon King of the Sea calling a meeting with the creatures of the sea. And as for Seoul, the story is about folklore tigers coming into town.

The combo of unique music and dance has intrigued countless people around the world. So much so that the videos have gone crazy viral, gaining over 75 million views in two months on YouTube alone and more than 260 million views on social media.

People around the world, however, aren’t just watching the videos — they’re dancing right along with them! Several videos of people dancing everywhere from the gym to their front yards have been popping up online recently too.

These viral videos may be insane but they’re also insanely awesome! More videos are expected to be added to the Feel the Rhythm of Korea series soon and as for right now, you can check out the weird, wacky, and wonderful videos for Jeonju, Busan, and Seoul for yourself below.

Source: JTBC