Transgender K-Pop Idol Bravely Shares Shirtless Photos

Their fans are so inspired.

Last year, we reported about queer K-Pop group QI.X shortly after they debuted.

From left: YOURA, Maek, Prin, and jiGOOK | Sweet Potato Productions

Lead Vocalist and Main Rapper jiGook (also known as June Green) self-identifies as a “fluid non-binary trans male, sometimes genderless,” using He/They pronouns.

JiGook is undergoing treatment as they transition. Previously, jiGook shared duets using both pre-Testorterone and post-Testorterone voices.

JiGook has been outspoken about their struggles with body dysmorphia. Now, they have taken a massive step toward healing and liberation.

During their transition, jiGook captures the progress by taking self-portraits. Recently, jiGook shared four shirtless photos via the group’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, stating in both English and Korean that they are no longer “afraid or ashamed” to reveal their true self.

Been taking self-portraits throughout my transition for about 3 years now. Here’s the most recent one. I might feel like I’m not where I want to be sometimes, but at least I’m not afraid or ashamed at all to reveal just the way I am. Can’t wait to share more

— jiGook

jiGook | @QIX_Official/X

Fans have been nothing but supportive. Many feel inspired and hopeful, thanks to jiGook.

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Source: QIX_Official