TRAX’s Jungmo and Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji swept in dating rumors

Another SM Entertainment artist has been swept in dating rumors with TRAX member Jungmo (31) rumored to be dating former Olympic gymnast Shin Soo Ji (25).

Initial reports reveal that an insider revealed that the two had just recently started dating and are affectionate with one another. Another insider adds that the two were recently spotted and photographed attending a baseball game as a couple.

However, following these reports, both agencies representing the two celebrity figures denied the news.

NXT International said on April 19th, “The dating rumor involving Kim Jungmo is unfounded. The two people are not in a relationship. The report was false. Shin Soo Jin and Kim Jungmo are friends but they don’t frequently meet up. They were spotted gathering as friends.”

Similarly, SM Entertainment said, “Kim Jungmo and Shin Soo Jin are not in a relationship, they are just close friends.” In regards to the two having been spotted at a baseball game, they add, “They were watching a baseball game as friends.”

Jungmo is an SM Entertainment artist from the band TRAX, and has recently released a single “Narcissus” (Heechul and Wheein) as the producer. On the other hand, Shin Soo Jin is a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast and avid bowler who has been  active as a sports broadcaster and actress.

Source: OSEN, Sports Donga and Star News