TRCNG Posts Brief 1 Minute Update Video, Fans Worry About The State Of Members

They will continue as an 8-member group.

With the recent events regarding TRCNG’s Wooyeop and Taeseon suing TS Entertainment for abuse, assault, and extortion, the group posted a short video online to update fans on the future of the group.

They uploaded the short one-minute video to Naver’s online broadcast program.

The video message reveals,

Hello, this is TRCNG. We know about the situation stated in the news release. After a long discussion, we have decided to promote the group as eight members. We will be working hard, so please keep a lookout and support us. This was TRCNG. Thank you.





Fans are worried about the state of the members as they all seemed a bit scared and rigid throughout the whole video. Fans are heartbroken to see the members looking so weak and timid in the video.













Fans hope that the controversy gets resolved, and the group can continue to promote their music.

TS Entertainment recently responded to Wooyeop and Taeseon’s claims and stated that they would also press charges against them for defamation.

Source: theqoo