TREASURE’s Doyoung Asks Fans Not To Worry As He Recovers From COVID-19

What a sweet and thoughtful message ❤️

Previously, it was reported that two TREASURE members Doyoung and Junghwan had tested positive for COVID-19, which brought concern to their fans. In the midst of the unknown and potentially daunting circumstances, TREASURE fans have have been continuing to express their worries and well-wishes for the two members. The group’s fanclub, Treasure Makers (also known as Teumes) recently came together to create a “Get Well Soon Project” for the two members, in an effort to encourage them during their recovery process.

TREASURE’s Doyoung (left) and Junghwan (right) | @archivejunghwan/Twitter

As Doyoung and Junghwan both continue to focus on their COVID-19 recovery, Doyoung recently updated his Weverse to assure all of their worried fans. He uploaded a photo with text that read:

I’m in the life care center and I’m trying my best to recover. Teumes, don’t worry so much. I’ll fully recover as soon as I can and return back to everyone’s arms.

— Doyoung on Weverse

Teumes shared their relief upon seeing his Weverse update, as they poured out their love and support for Doyoung.

Doyoung | @treasuremembers/Twitter

This TREASURE fan expressed their excitement for the day that Doyoung “[comes] back on our arms again.”

| @starrypjihoon/Twitter

This Teume shared their prayers for the TREASURE member, while reminding Doyoung to “eat a lot of nutritious food, hydrate and take [his] vitamins!”

| @madjixii/Twitter

Another fan shared a simple tweet that expressed their desires for Doyoung to remain healthy.

| @Angelyforeveryu/Twitter

This particular TREASURE fan showered Doyoung with well-wishes, as they thanked Doyoung for the update.

| @shanapie06/Twitter

And lastly, this Teume tweeted their well wishes for the TREASURE member, while expressing how much they missed him!

| @Bi_Haruru/Twitter

Recover well Doyoung and Junghwan! We can’t wait to see you both back on stage with the rest of your TREASURE members.

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