TREASURE’s Doyoung Leveled Up His Flirting Game With The Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines—And We Love Them All

Don’t lie, you also swooned!

TREASURE‘s Doyoung is one cheesy guy and his fans know it!


In Episode 55 of TREASURE Map, the members were tasked with picking the lucky fans who could attend the grand opening of their café. While most of the members were their usual cute selves, Doyoung was the boyfriend we all wish to have!

His fellow members found it absolutely hilarious when he said his cheesy lines. They asked him to talk to the TREASURE Makers just to see him in action, saying, “It’s fun to hear him talk.”

He definitely did not disappoint.

Hello, this is a call from your future boyfriend…eat well and stay healthy until then. And sleep well, okay?

— Doyoung

The following episode, Doyoung was just as sweet. He leveled up his flirting game when he met the lucky fans in person.

When a fan told him, “You’re so handsome,” he didn’t hesitate to reply, “You’re pretty, too.”

His pick-up lines didn’t end there. He went back to the TREASURE Makers and praised their beauty.

Are you from Disneyland? You’re two princesses.

— Doyoung

The girls couldn’t hold back their laughter and blushes—and really, who could blame them?

Check out the full episode below!

Source: YouTube