TREASURE’s Haruto Pays Tribute To An Iconic BLACKPINK Song In The Lyrics He Made For B-Side Track “VolKno”

Can you guess which line it is?

TREASURE is celebrating their second year since debut with a brand new comeback!

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

They released their second mini album, The Second Step: Chapter Two, on October 4, 2022.

Ahead of the release of the album, the group shared spoilers about it in a comeback live broadcast. Here, Haruto revealed a special tidbit about his unit song with fellow rappers Hyunsuk and Yoshi.

He participated in the lyrics writing of their song “VolKno,” and he chose to reference a BLACKPINK track.

If I can share a TMI…I worked on it last, right? There’s BLACKPINK lyrics in this one.

— Haruto

It turned out that the song he referenced was none other than “Pretty Savage,” BLACKPINK’s B-Side track from their first full length album The Album.

Lisa performing “Pretty Savage” | SBS Inkigayo

In particular, he took a line from Lisa’s rap: “Biseushan geot gatji urin ppyeossokkaji dareum.” It was said in the context of being the best on stage when compared to others.

We seem similar, but we’re different from the core

— Lisa in “Pretty Savage”

Haruto’s lyrics were preceded with a similar idea of confidence. His was about being part of YG Entertainment‘s new generation of artists paving the way.

Now it’s YG’s generation
Create a new wave
We seem similar, but we’re different from the core

— Haruto in “VolKno”

This is not the first time TREASURE’s rap line paid homage to BLACKPINK. Yoshi previously gave a shoutout to Lisa in their February 2022 title track “JIKJIN.”

Read more about it below!

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