BLACKPINK Jisoo “Noona’s” Solo Debut Teaser Shocks TREASURE’s Haruto

YG artists truly are like a supportive family!

When it comes to K-Pop companies that are like a family, YG Entertainment is no different! Recently, one YG artist showcased this bond after their reaction to BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s upcoming teasers.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

After a long wait, fans were excited to hear the announcement that Jisoo would be making her highly anticipated solo debut with the single album ME. Whether through the teasers…

Jisoo’s solo teaser for “ME” | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Or the beautiful teasers, Jisoo has sent the internet into meltdown!

Jisoo’s visual teaser 1 | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Well, it seems like someone else couldn’t get enough of Jisoo’s teaser, and it’s none other than fellow YG artist TREASURE‘s Haruto!

TREASURE’s Haruto | @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

Throughout the years, TREASURE and BLACKPINK have showcased the close bond between YG Entertainment artists. Whether it was Yoshi paying tribute to Lisa in “JIKJIN,” filming dance challenges, and much more, the bond is very strong.

Considering how close they are, it’s not surprising that they also stay on top of each other’s schedules. Recently, member Jisoo has been teasing fans ahead of her solo debut with the single ME.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

In particular, the idol recently shocked fans with her visual teaser for her debut. Along with flaunting her visuals, the idol gained praise for promoting Korean culture within the video.

Jisoo’s visual teaser 2 | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

While BLINKs couldn’t get over the trailer, Haruto seemed the same.

On March 22, Haruto did a live broadcast with fans and he unsurprisingly made fans smile with his interactions and comments, ranging from talking about “TREASURE sunbaenim” to buying gifts for his members.

During the broadcast, Haruto watched one of Jisoo’s visuals teasers, explaining, “Let’s watch BLACKPINK Jisoo noona’s visual film.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, netizens loved that Haruto was so close to Jisoo that he called her noona (used to address female friends older than you) rather than sunbaenim (which means senior.)

While watching the teaser, Haruto’s reaction probably mirrored a lot of BLINKs as he seemed entranced in what he was watching. Considering how impactful the teaser was, his reaction shouldn’t have been too surprising.

When the video ended, Haruto was truly relatable AF…

He explained just how excited the video made him and reflected many BLINKs’ feelings.

Wow! me.. Jisoo’s first single album… this makes you anticipate to it right?

— Haruto

He even explained how excited he was to see what Jisoo was going to release, sharing his good wishes by adding, “I’m looking forward to this too! Hwaiting!”

When the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t get over Haruto reacting to Jisoo’s teaser. For many fans, it was like their worlds colliding as both TREASURE and BLACKPINK fans.

As Jisoo’s new song is released, it will be exciting to see the reactions from other YG artists when the actual album is fully shared with the world.

You can read more about Jisoo’s teasers below.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Receives Huge Praise From Netizens For Promoting Korean Culture In Her Solo Debut Teasers

Source: 412diary/Twitter and Weverse