TREASURE’s Haruto Stuns Us All With His Head-Turning Visuals In Unedited Photos

We can’t look away!

TREASURE‘s Haruto is gaining attention once again for his visuals! Besides being a capable singer, rapper, dancer, and lyricist, he also stands out for his good looks.

TREASURE’s Haruto 

From the many fan-taken photos of him from pre-debut until now, it’s clear that the way he looks on television is exactly the same way he looks in person—in fact, arguably even better!

After TREASURE made their comeback with “JIKJIN,” the members met up with fans in an offline fanmeeting. Haruto was captured outside the YG Entertainment building as he walked towards the venue.

The unedited photos and videos showed how model-like he was. His proportions and height, for example, were immediately eye-catching. It is estimated that Haruto may already be 185cm (around 6’1″) and still growing.

He was also spotted next to Jeongwoo, with the two 2004-liners looking naturally cute and comfy in their gray sweaters and glasses.

They’re both handsome enough to stop traffic…especially if they’re together!

Later on inside the venue, TREASURE Makers were able to see Haruto’s gorgeous self in real life.

| Junkyu_3412

His good looks were even more stunning than expected!

It was clear that he’s one of the group’s visuals for a reason!

Some lucky TREASURE Makers even got the chance to take polaroid pictures with Haruto and the other members.

Imagine being so lucky as to see him in real life?

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