TREASURE Breaks Down The 3 Reasons Why Their Bubbly New Title Track “Hello” Is Actually Harder To Dance To Than One May Expect

It’s deceptively simple.

TREASURE made a new comeback with “Hello,” the title track of their album THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO.

It’s a bright and happy love song with a fresh concept befitting of the group’s youthfulness.

Contrary to what fans may expect, however, the dance was anything but simple. TREASURE’s newly released documentary showed their practice sessions and just how tiring learning the choreography was for them.

Oh, this is tough.

— Asahi

Junghwan agreed with Asahi‘s words, saying, “It’s the hardest so far.” In fact, according to Jaehyuk, “Hello” is actually more difficult to dance to than their previous title track.

I find it tougher than ‘JIKJIN’

— Jaehyuk

This may come as a surprise to the average fan who may believe that the intense and energetic hip hop track would require a higher level of skill than the one with a happy atmosphere.

Check out the reasons why this may be so below.

1. Jaehyuk

First up, Jaehyuk shared his frustrations at his wrong judgement prior to starting the “Hello” dance practice. Contrary to what he expected, it was “really hard” to learn.

Wow, but you know? When I saw the draft choreography, it wasn’t really this vibe. I thought it would be less tough than the ones we did before. But this choreography is really hard.

— Jaehyuk

The reason why he thought so was because of the amount of energy they exert while dancing.

Is it because we jump around all the time?

— Jaehyuk

2. Junghwan

Junghwan had a different answer, proposing that the level of skill needed to perfect the “Hello” choreography was higher than usual. Small dance moves that the audience might gloss over would actually require many days to practice.

For me, I don’t find it that tough but it’s the details that are difficult. There’s a lot of isolation like these and cutting it off.

— Junghwan

3. Asahi

Finally, Asahi pointed out how challenging the choreography was mainly because their hands often move in opposite directions. This made it confusing to do and it required more concentration on their part.

It’s all about the brains. We have to do this from this side and this on the other. It’s kinda like drawing a square with this hand and a circle with the other.

— Asahi

Junghwan aptly summarized their predicament by saying, “I guess those watching it will find it really interesting, but as people who have to perform it, it’s really hard to do.”

At the end of the day, they were still able to perfect the “Hello” choreography and put on many praise-worthy stages!

Check out the full documentary below to learn more about TREASURE’s comeback journey.

Source: YouTube
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