TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Comes Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation In A Recent Social Media Video

Fans want idols to be educated so it doesn’t keep happening!

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk has come under fire from fans after being accused of cultural appropriation in a recent video on social media.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk | @treasuremembers/Twitter

TREASURE have just made a comeback with the song “BONA BONA.”

On August 5, TREASURE’s Twitter page posted a video with all the members to promote their new song.

In the video, netizens quickly noticed that Hyunsuk’s braid hairstyle was inappropriate as it was seen as cultural appropriation. In particular, the idol appeared twice with the hairstyle in the video at the start and at the end, making it even more apparent to fans.

After the video was shared, it slowly started to gain negative attention from international fans. While many fans shared their anger that Korean stylists for idols always seem to use black culture…

Others shared their confusion at the fact that even though idols have been called out before, and Hyunsuk had even been told about it after having braids dreadlocks during the “MMM” era, that it was still happening.

Fans online thought that rather than try and ignore the issue, fans of the group should educate Hyunsuk if they could.

Others pointed out that using cultural appropriation as a way of attacking the group as a whole rather than focusing on the issue itself was not benefiting anyone.

It was even more prominent as not long after the video was posted, Hyunsuk shared photos with the hairstyle on Twitter.

For many fans, rather than criticism, they are hoping that the comments will make both the idols and company aware of why it is such an issue.

Fans want to educate idols and those around them on why it is so important to be aware of different cultures so they are not used purely for aesthetic purposes without any regard for the true meaning.

Source: @ygtreasuremaker