TREASURE Turned Their “JIKJIN” Dance Practice Into A Spontaneous BIGBANG And BLACKPINK Tribute

They’re fans for sure!

There’s no doubt that TREASURE loves their seniors! The YG Entertainment boy group was never shy about showing their admiration for BIGBANG and BLACKPINK. They’ve covered many of their songs, owned several of their albums, and more.

Haruto proclaiming his love for BIGBANG in YG TREASURE BOX | YG TREASURE BOX/YouTube

Until present, they’re still showing their VIP and BLINK statuses!

In a video collaboration with Studio K, the members were asked to dance to their latest title track, “JIKJIN,” while singing it acapella. In the middle of humming the chorus, Yedam casually sang, “Bang, bang, bang!” with Jihoon naturally following his lead.

The tone was set and “JIKJIN” suddenly transitioned into “BANG BANG BANG,” BIGBANG’s 2015 hit song.

Though Hyunsuk tried to continue singing the next line, “Neoegero,” he got sucked into the spontaneous BIGBANG party along with the others.

At the end of the dance, everyone jammed to “BANG BANG BANG” instead!

Following this, they also made a remix of “JIKJIN” and BLACKPINK’s 2020 song “How You Like That.”

They were all too happy to make their title track into a BLACKPINK remix!

The bridge of “JIKJIN” smoothly turned into the bridge of “How You Like That” as if they were always meant to follow one another.

The entire group learned the song and choreography for a cover they performed on Weekly Idol. Now fans know that they still remember every bit of it!

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube