TREASURE’s Junkyu Explains Why He Always Turns Down Haruto’s Date Invitations, And Haruto Had The Funniest Reaction

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TREASURE has the most hilarious interactions! In a recent episode of T.M.I, the group’s YouTube vlog series, Haruto and Junkyu paired up to go on a date in Seongsu, Seoul.

Junkyu: We’re in Sangsu

Haruto: You mean Seongsu. We’re going to have lunch.

Junkyu: I’m really looking forward to it!

TREASURE’s Haruto (Left) and Junkyu (Right) | TREASURE/YouTube

Haruto was especially excited as he was the one who picked the venue, a trendy Japanese fusion restaurant that often has a long waiting line.

We usually have to wait a lot so we came at the opening time. Let’s go!

— Haruto

They had no problem choosing what they were going to eat. Haruto and Junkyu comfortably ordered several plates of meat and matching melon drinks.

As they were enjoying their juice, Junkyu noted that it was their first time to have a solo date together.

Isn’t it our first time coming out to get food?

— Junkyu

Haruto confirmed this to be true but immediately added a disclaimer. It may not have happened in the past, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying on his end!

It is our first, but I always ask you to come out with me to eat.

— Haruto

Instead of apologizing, Junkyu joked that he always remembers the beauty of a home cooked meal whenever the opportunity to go out comes.

I do want to eat with you. But, you know, eating at home has its perks.

— Junkyu

In reality, he is well known for being the ultimate homebody of the group. Junkyu’s ideal day includes lazing around at home for as long as possible. It was even one of the highlights of an entire TREASURE MAP episode!

I’ve been in self-quarantine for 20 years.

— Junkyu in TREASURE MAP Episode 32

Upon hearing the older member’s excuse, Haruto could only lightly scoff in amusement. The editors of the program aptly inserted the caption, “lost for words” to describe his thoughts.

Regardless, Haruto and Junkyu enjoyed their lunch and continued to bicker throughout the day!

Check out the full video below to see the other places they visited.

Source: YouTube