TREASURE Performs On M! Countdown, Making Them The First YG Group To Do So In 4 Years

Do we smell a potential YG-Mnet truce?

Get ready because the boys of TREASURE are back!

| YG Entertainment

Talented boy group TREASURE has made their comeback and they are coming in hot! They kickstarted their comeback promotions for their new album, THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT by performing on the January 14th episode of M! Countdown. For their comeback stage, they performed two of their songs “GOING CRAZY” and “MY TREASURE”, exciting fans all over. Their comeback stage was filled with amazing backdrops, insane visuals and incredible talent. The boy group’s stage not only marks their highly anticipated comeback, however, but it also marks a very important YG related victory.

TREASURE’s comeback still for M! Countdown | Mnet

TREASURE is the first YG group to perform on the M! Countdown stage in over 4 years. The last YG group to stand on the Mnet stage was BLACKPINK when they performed “PLAYING WITH FIRE” back in November of 2016. YG and Mnet has had some obvious grievances towards one another, since YG artists have been noticeably missing from Mnet programs for years. While netizens don’t know the actual truth behind their feud, many speculations arose as to why the two companies refused to work together.

BLACKPINK on M! Countdown November 2016 | Mnet

With TREASURE’s comeback stage, however, it seems that the YG-Mnet feud may be getting closer to being resolved. TREASURE also excited fans previously when they performed at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards, signaling a potential truce between the two companies.

TREASURE’s MAMA poster | Mnet

Whether the two are calling a truce or not, we are just excited to see TREASURE performing on their stage this week. Check out the talented YG boy group performing for their first comeback stage on M! Countdown down below!