TREASURE Picked Their Cutest Member, And You’ll 100% Agree With Their Choice

Even non-fans will fall for him.

When it comes to the cutest member, it’s hard to pick who exactly is number one in TREASURE. All 12 members are youthful and special in their own ways.

They once held an aegyo battle that will go down in the books as one of the funniest and most adorable things to ever happen in K-Pop history. The round between Mashiho and Hyunsuk alone was legendary!

Based on this battle, it’s no surprise whom they chose as their cutest member. They made their choice in the “Superlatives” game of YouTube channel Seventeen.

| Seventeen/YouTube

Without further ado, the one who got the most votes was none other than Mashiho!

Though Hyunsuk got numerous votes himself, he still picked the Japanese member without a hint of hesitation.

I mean, you just can’t beat Mashiho.

— Hyunsuk

Junkyu also couldn’t help but gush over Mashiho.

Mashiho’s existence itself has so much aegyo.

— Junkyu

| Seventeen/YouTube

When Mashiho challenged Junkyu to explain himself further, the former instantly chose that very moment as proof of his adorable nature.

Who can deny that Mashiho is one of the most precious idols alive?

Even without doing any aegyo, he’s already cute! A naturally charming member you want to treasure—that’s Mashiho.

Check out the full video below!