TREASURE’s Rap Line Was Secretly Under Immense Pressure When Making Their Unit Song “VolKno,” And The Reason Was Understandable

It wasn’t an easy journey for sure.

TREASURE is YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group.

Just like BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P, WINNER‘s Mino and Seunghoon, and iKON‘s Bobby and former member B.I, they also have members who are simultaneously strong producers and rappers: Hyunsuk, Haruto, and Yoshi.

From Left to Right: Haruto, Hyunsuk, and Yoshi | @treasuremembers/Twitter

In their YouTube series, “The Second Step: Chapter Two Documentary Film,” the three delved deeper into their thoughts about this company-wide reputation and the hard part about being the next generation of rappers.

Here, leader Hyunsuk bared his soul in front of the camera. He revealed that he was very pressured when making sure their new B-Side track “VolKno” was a high quality one. It was the song that the rap line truly wanted to include in their final album.

‘VolKno,’ it’s the first rap unit song we really really wished for and it’s listed on our album.

— Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk was open with the other two that he wanted to do well as a rap unit to uphold YG Entertainment’s legacy as a company with strong rappers. In fact, this idea even made it to the lyrics of “VolKno” itself: “The basic overflow with a reason, I’m confident. My ancestors are on time, I live next door to MOBB.”

This is something I told Haruto and Yoshi. What we all talked about was that we have to continue on the legacy.

— Hyunsuk

The Japanese members felt the same way. Haruto even added that it was “really scary” to be given this task.

The pressure is no joke though. It’s really scary.

— Haruto

Haruto | TREASURE/YouTube

They found it necessary to write, produce, and record the song properly because “honestly, [they] really have to do well.” Hyunsuk stressed the importance of this one more time.

We have to do really well.

— Hyunsuk

Yoshi acknowledged that he also felt pressured, but he came to terms with it by reminding himself that all he could do is his best.

I’ll just do it as it is.

— Yoshi

Haruto (Left) and Yoshi (Right) | TREASURE/YouTube

In the end, TREASURE’s rap line released a song that was polished and thus well received.

It was thanks to the hard work that they put in behind the scenes.

Source: YouTube


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