TREASURE To Release A New Song In September – Promises To Be Better Than Ever

What could be better than “BOY”?
Rookie boy group from YG Entertainment, TREASURE, will be releasing a new song in mid-September. On the 1st of September, the official YG Entertainment page teased a “coming soon” poster featuring the band.

| YG Entertainment

The poster features a watercolor heart on a white background, leading fans to speculate if this time, the song would be a sweeter, softer concept compared to their debut hit, “BOY”. The poster image is atypical of the company’s trademark “coming soon” teasers.

| YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment has announced to media outlets that they are planning for an extravagant comeback for the boys in September, and that the boys are ready to heat up the summer even more. YG Entertainment promises for the song to be even stronger and more impactful than “BOY”.

| YG Entertainment

TREASURE made their debut with their first single album, THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE, entering various charts globally. With sales of over 200,000 copies of albums, all eyes are on TREASURE this year as the hot boy group rookies. If you’ve yet to check them out, take a listen to their debut song below.

Source: Sports Chosun