TREASURE’s Jihoon States That Comments That Say “Good Job” Are The Most Meaningful To Them

They are truly grateful to their fans.

On August 10, YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE held their debut album interview at the YGX building in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Previously, the group released their debut single THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE on August 7 and officially made their debut.

They are YG’s first new group to debut since BLACKPINK four years ago. In terms of boy groups, they are the first new group in five years.

Unlike the other boy groups in YG, they are the first in the company to be a large group, consisting of 12 members. Jihoon commented, “The difference between us and other senior YG boy groups is that we are able to create various performances due to the large number of members. Having more members allows us to have more fun creating stages.”

TREASURE was created through a 2018 survival program called TREASURE BOX but their debut was pushed back due to various incidents that occurred with their company. Regarding this, Choi Hyun Suk commented, “We as a team continued to communicate with each other and think about how we would like to be seen to our fans during our long wait to debut. Our teamwork became stronger and it was a meaningful time for us.”

Jihoon added, “The time we spent waiting to debut actually allowed us to prepare better for our debut.” Bang Yedam also revealed, “Whenever we were worried, we would talk with another and give advice. We were able to stop worrying because we had each other.”

Jihoon expressed that hearing the words “good job” was the most meaningful words to them. “We are truly so thankful to the support from our fans. Out of all the comments, ‘Thanks for making a successful debut, you guys did a good job’ was personally the most memorable one. It felt like we were being rewarded for the time we spent waiting for our debut. Thank you for understanding.”

TREASURE’s debut title track “BOY” topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 19 countries after its release and revealed their global popularity. Take a look at their “BOY” music video if you haven’t already!

Source: hankyung