TREASURE Reveals Details For Comeback With First Full Album

TREASURE is back

YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group TREASURE have just announced details for their comeback with their first full album THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT.

YG Entertainment revealed that TREASURE will be releasing the album on January 11, just over 5 months after their official debut. The idea of TREASURE EFFECT was actually mentioned in a pre-debut teaser video for the group, showing their willingness to shake up the world with their concept and performances.

TREASURE’s comeback stands out for its ultra-fast comeback strategy, different from other YG Entertainment artists. YG Entertainment is famous for its high standards of preparation and examination of album contents before a comeback, however TREASURE have released new music nearly every month since debuting. The strategy TREASURE is using hasn’t been seen from YG Entertainment since BIGBANG back in 2006.

In addition, TREASURE have already recorded over 700,000 album sales with just 3 single albums, and considering how full albums generally sell more than single albums, they should easily surpass 1 million total album sales with their comeback.

Source: Newsen


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