TREASURE Sets A New Record As Their Debut Album Surpasses 150,000 Stock Pre-Orders

TREASURE has set another new record:

YG Entertainment‘s new 12-member boy group, TREASURE, is set to debut on August 7 with their first single THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE. Although the group hasn’t officially debuted yet, TREASURE has already achieved numerous records ahead of their debut and recently added one more to their list as they reached 150,000 stock pre-orders.

On August 3, a representative of YG Entertainment announced the company had decided to produce 50,000 extra copies of TREASURE’s debut album. Explaining the decision, the representative revealed, “We decided to produce 50,000 additional copies of TREASURE’s debut single album late last week as its demand is surging in Japan and China.”

They also added that in addition to the orders from Korea, Japan, and China, they’ve also been receiving many requests for the album in other regions around the world including the U.S. and countries in Southeast Asia.

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Before reaching this milestone, TREASURE had already set a record when their debut album had achieved over 100,000 stock pre-orders in just 2 days. According to YG Entertainment, this was the highest album sales among their rookie groups so far and with 50,000 more stock pre-orders, TREASURE has now added onto that record!

With TREASURE already setting records before their debut, these powerhouse rookies are definitely a group to look forward to! TREASURE, meanwhile, will be making their debut on August 7 with the release of their single THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE and the MV for their title song “Boy”.

Source: Osen