4 Huge Achievements YG Entertainment’s Newest Group, TREASURE, Has Reached Even Before Debut

They’re a group you should look out for!

YG Entertainment is slated to debut their first group since BLACKPINK in 2016. Their 12-member boy group, TREASURE, has released concept teasers, photoshoots, reality TV show episodes, and more ahead of their August 7 debut.

All of these have helped them achieve numerous records that are hard to come by rookie idols, much less a group that has yet to debut. Check them out below!

1. They reached 100,000 album pre-orders in just 2 days.

As of July 31, TREASURE’s album THE FIRST STEP:CHAPTER ONE has already been ordered over 100,000 times even if pre-orders began only two days before. According to YG Entertainment, this is the highest sales among all of their group’s debuts so far.

The 100,000 pre-orders would already put TREASURE in the top 10 list of most albums sold in 2020 so far.

| @TREASURE/Facebook

2. They are one of the only K-Pop groups to chart on Billboard’s Social 50 before debut.

Billboard has a special chart that ranks the most active artists around the globe based on their popular social media accounts like YouTube, VEVO, Facebook, and Twitter. Scores are derived from the artist’s number of new followers on social media as well as the number of views on their website and videos.

TREASURE has already ranked in the Social 50 chart even before debut!

They joined the ranks of X1 and SuperM who proved their popularity even before releasing an official single.

| @superm/Twitter

3. They already have over 1 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

All YouTube content creators aim for the elusive “one million subscribers” record, but few achieve it as fast as TREASURE did. By regularly updating their account for a year, they garnered 1.33 million subscribers and counting.

The group showed off their gold play button during the last episode of TREASURE MAP.


4. Their YouTube channel has over 100 million views.

Speaking of their YouTube channel, TREASURE’s views are definitely noteworthy! Thanks greatly to their 28 episodes of TREASURE MAP, their numerous dance and vocal covers, and official videos like “Going Crazy” and “WAYO”, they have over 100 million views and counting.

Their most-viewed video so far is their performance film of “Going Crazy” with over 25 million views.

TREASURE is proving they’re group everyone should look out for!

Source: Naver