The Next Big Thing: 7 Facts About TREASURE That New Fans Need To Know

They’re a group you should look out for!

YG Entertainment will debut their newest group, TREASURE, on August 7. The hype around them is real, and for good reason.

Interested in stanning them? It’s never too late! Here are a few facts about TREASURE you need to know before they debut!

1. They were formed in the survival show YG TREASURE BOX.

YG Entertainment is notorious for putting their male trainees through survival programs. Hyunseung was cut from BIGBANG before they were formed, and Team B (iKON) lost to Team A (WINNER) in WIN: Who is Next.

From November 2018 to January 2019, almost 30 trainees battled to make it into TREASURE. They were separated into TREASURE A (those closest to debut), TREASURE B (new trainees with potential), TREASURE C (the youngest in the company) and TREASURE J (the Japanese unit of YG Entertainment).

2. They were originally split into two units.

YG Entertainment disclosed the seven members of TREASURE after YG Treasure Box ended. Likely due to pressure from fans, they revealed that MAGNUM would be formed, the second unit that would complete TREASURE 13. As their debut date was delayed again and again due to the company’s scandals, however, the units were eventually abolished and TREASURE 13 became simply TREASURE.

3. They used to have 13 members.

Like their name suggests, TREASURE 13 was originally composed of 13 members: Hyunsuk, Jeongwoo, Yedam, Haruto, Junkyu, Jaehyuk, Junghwan, Mashiho, Doyoung, Yoshinori, Jihoon, Asahi, and Yoonbin.

Yoonbin eventually left the group due to musical differences. Despite this, he still supports his friends online by re-posting their music and teasers.

| @mynameisben_0/Instagram

He releases his own songs under the name Ben.

4. Their positions are not fully revealed.

Fans still don’t know who will become the sub and lead vocalists, dancers, and rappers of the group, or if they will choose to forego positions like a few other groups in K-Pop. That said, Treasure Makers already know TREASURE will have not one but two leaders, Hyunsuk and Jihoon.

5. Japanese members make up 1/3 of TREASURE.

One thing that makes TREASURE stand out is their Japanese members. Like how EXO used to have four Chinese members, TREASURE also has four foreign members, this time from Japan. Composer and “robot” Asahi, sweet rapper Yoshi, adorable Mashiho, and charismatic “Japanese maknae” Haruto are all integral parts of the group.

6. Their “main producer” is Future Bounce.

| @pk_bounce/Instagram

YG Entertainment groups often have one in-house producer in charge of them that sets their style. If BLACKPINK has Teddy, TREASURE has Future Bounce. The duo is known for producing popular songs like WINNER’s “Love Me, Love Me”, BLACKPINK’s “Forever Young”, and MINO‘s “Fiancé”.

Future Bounce began frequently posting TREASURE content on their Instagram accounts ever since they made the rookie group’s hit pre-debut song “Going Crazy”.

7. You may already know some of the members.

Finally, some members of TREASURE are already popular in their own right. Bang Yedam finished second place in KPOP STAR Season 2 and he even appeared in performances like WIN: Who Is Next‘s finale and WINNER’s reality show WINNER TV.

Hyunsuk and Junkyu, meanwhile, participated in MIXNINE, with the former going on to rank 5th in the final episode.

Junkyu is also a former child CF actor like TREASURE’s maknae, Junghwan.

Junghwan, besides being an actor, was part of K-Tigers when he was younger.

Ready to stan them yet? TREASURE is a group to look forward to!