TREASURE’s “Single’s Inferno” Style Dating Show Trailer Receives Very Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Korean and international fans had very different views.

The first teaser for TREASURE’s “Dating show” has been released, sparking very different reactions from fans.

The members of TREASURE | @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

It was previously announced that the well-loved K-Pop group would be doing a variety show that was based around dating, unsurprisingly making some fans apprehensive, especially considering the discourse around dating in the industry.


On February 27, YG Entertainment released the first trailer for the show.

It showed the members coming into a house, that seems fitting for this genre of show, and when a female joins them…

The reactions from the members truly contrasted their confident auras fans love to see.

Hilariously, when it was revealed that at the end of every day, the woman would give a jewel to the member they liked the most, it gave off Single’s Inferno vibes for many fans.

In particular, when the members went to check their lockers, it seemed a lot like what fans have seen in the Netflix series, especially compared to the candy scene in the most recent series.

When the video was posted, international fans reacted very positively, loving how the TREASURE members were going to show off their personality in a way that is revolutionary for fourth-generation idols.


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Other fans were surprised by how similar to Single’s Inferno it was.

Yet, it wasn’t surprising that Korean netizens had very different views from international fans. While some accepted that it was a concept that has been done in the past, they worry how it might impact TREASURE and the fanbase. Netizens pointed out that while non-fans and Western fans might enjoy it, there is the chance for it to go a very different way, gaining criticism.



  • Fans will be heartbroken, but non-fans might watch it for the dopamine hit.
  • I think this is similar to Epik High’s past show on Mnet, I think. I remember a real couple came out of that show.
  • Is the label crazy?
  • Weren’t Treasure’s Japanese fans carrying them? Is YG crazy?
  • Even if they make a hit show, the fans will leave, and if the show does badly, they will still lose their fans. But I think they’ll be a hit with international fans.
  • First, I am glad they aren’t my idols… They should have just made content showing them playing with each other. I’m sure their fans would have been happy to watch them just hanging out with one another.

It was definitely a risky move for YG Entertainment, but hopefully, fans will see it as a chance for the members to showcase their personalities to a wider audience who will be interested in the concept.

Source: YG Entertainment and theqoo


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