TREASURE Receive Unexpected Support From A Sunbae As They Prepare For Their First Concert “TRACE”

The surprise definitely encouraged TREASURE!

TREASURE is currently preparing for their first concert, TRACE.

The concert will be held on both April 9th and 10th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. The first day is exclusively an in-person concert, while the second day is both in-person and online.

Understandably TREASURE has been excitedly preparing for the concert. Even releasing a video to their official YouTube channel showing the members joking around, trying to prepare a unique experience for their fans.


Although all the members rightfully acknowledge their skills, feeling prepared for their own performances…


… They joke around about trying to find something more to do for the concert.


Like maybe a talent show that would include Park Jeongwoo‘s Toy Story impersonation.


And Junkyu‘s aegyo.


Or a cover stage.


Maybe of a girl group choreography.


And the entertaining teaser video isn’t the only evidence that shows that TREASURE is having a fun time preparing for TRACE. They even got support from a sunbae (senior in the industry) that they highly admire.

Previously, TREASURE had received support from fellow YG Entertainment group iKON, who performed an incredible cover of TREASURE’s recent comeback “JIKJIN.”

Since the members truly admire iKON, fans were extremely happy to see how supportive iKON were of their labelmates.

And now, once again, they have a fellow labelmate that they admire encouraging them.

While preparing for their concert, they had a surprise visit from none other than BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon.

| @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

TREASURE even shared the photo with a grateful caption.

“Thank you, our beloved and respected GD sunbae-nim, for surprising us with a visit while we were rehearsing for the concert.”


And, of course, fans are emotional because of how much TREASURE looks up to BIGBANG, so this surprise must have really encouraged them.

Fans can definitely be excited for TREASURE’s upcoming concert.

You can watch the full TRACE teaser video here.