iKON Once Again Prove They’re The Best Sunbaes To Labelmate TREASURE

The collab no one was expecting but now can’t get enough of!

TREASURE recently had a comeback with their first mini album, THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE, with the powerful title track “JIKJIN.” The song combines hard-hitting choreography with TREASURE’s incredible vocal and rap skills. TREASURE’s Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto were even listed as composers and lyricists for the song.

But fans of both TREASURE and fellow YG Entertainment artist iKON were shocked when iKON released a surprise cover of “JIKJIN.”

By covering the song, iKON was able to show off their own fantastic charisma and talent, even while simply filming the cover in a YG Entertainment dance studio.

Fans were impressed, but not surprised, by how well Bobby‘s self-written rap verse fit the song cover.

And the phenomenal cover left fans eager for iKON’s promised comeback.

TREASURE would have been extremely excited even if iKON did a simple cover. Since especially members Asahi and Yoshi were inspired by iKON to pursue music.

But instead of simply covering the song by themselves, iKON actually brought all of TREASURE in to perform the end of the song cover with them.

Both groups look incredibly happy and excited to dance to the end of the song together in the cover. And fans, who were surprised by the unexpected collaboration, are just as enthusiastic as the idols.

Fans are both excited for TREASURE, who are arguably the luckiest possible fanboys.

As well as emotional with how iKON treats their hoobaes (juniors in the industry). As iKON has always been extremely supportive of TREASURE. With Song especially both having fanboyed with June over TREASURE as well as having given Hyunsuk and Jihoon the prize money he won.

Fans were even emotional that YG Entertainment put both iKON and TREASURE’s logos at the end of the video.

And many fans were hopeful that this surprise collaboration could possibly indicate more upcoming interactions between YG Entertainment artists. Like fans got with The Game Caterers.

Or maybe even a YG Entertainment family concert.

But regardless, fans can enjoy this incredible collaboration between two extremely talented groups.

You can watch the full cover here.