TREASURE’s Yoshi Was Asked To Choose Between Bobby And Mino, And He Had The Most Heartwarming Answer

One of them was his inspiration.

TREASURE is the youngest group in YG Entertainment. They have proven time and time again that they’re genuine fans of their seniors. From Mashiho being the biggest SE7EN fanboy

Mashiho is the boy on SE7EN’s left.

…to Yedam fanboying over a BLACKPINK album…

…and to Haruto becoming a “YG Family” fan thanks to BIGBANG.


Another rapper, Yoshi, also grew to love YG Entertainment because of their artists. He talked about this in detail during an interview with Muply.

He was asked to pick between two beloved rappers in the company: iKON‘s Bobby and WINNER‘s Mino. As soon as TREASURE heard the question, they complained about how unfair it was.

Yoshi continued to answer seriously contrary to their expectations. He couldn’t help but gush over Bobby’s successful run on Show Me The Money 3.

I honestly…Bobby sunbaenim goes first.

— Yoshi

When Bobby killed it with his iconic songs like “GO” and “BOUNCE”, eventually winning the competition, viewers like Yoshi were enamored.

His middle school self wanted to be just like him.

I saw him in middle school on Show Me The Money. [I thought] “I should rap in Korean.”

— Yoshi

Yoshi was inspired by Bobby’s charismatic rapping to the point where he wanted to pursue being a K-Pop idol. He shared, “He’s the one who motivated me to do it”.

To end the discussion, he picked Bobby as his favorite—though “Mino sunbaenim has a nice voice”.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube