TREASURE’s Mashiho Is A Huge SE7EN Fanboy, And We Can All Relate

We all know a Mashiho in our lives.

We all have that one artist we can’t help but stan over the years. Despite being an idol himself, TREASURE‘s Japanese member and resident cutieMashiho, is also a hardcore fanboy!

The object of his affection is none other than SE7EN, a former fellow YG Entertainment artist who released hits such as “I’m Going Crazy” and “When I Can’t Sing”.

In fact, SE7EN was one of the YG Entertainment seniors who inspired him to pursue music.

I saw YG senior artists and I loved them.

— Mashiho

When he was a child, he was able to take close-up pictures with his idol—and baby Mashiho was as adorable then as he is now!

Going to the fanmeeting once wasn’t enough. He attended more when he was a kid, and fans have proof!

Even after his debut, he still owns numerous Se7en merchandise. Treasure Makers easily spotted some of them in his very own room.

In the online broadcast to celebrate TREASURE’s debut, Mashiho couldn’t hold back his admiration for the singer. While his members named BIGBANG as the group they bought their first K-Pop goods for, he proudly mentioned SE7EN.

I bought SE7EN’s album. I’m his fan.

— Mashiho

He may be from Japan, but he knows SE7EN better than his Korean members!

Now, Mashiho is a K-Pop singer himself! He has legions of fans who supported his and his members’ debut in August 2020. After a few months, TREASURE even won numerous “Best New Male Artist” awards such as in the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

He’s one successful fanboy!