TREASURE Unveils “TRUZ” 3D Animation — And They Look Just Like Their Dads

They finally came to life!

TREASURE recently released a 3D animation of TRUZ, their 12 personalized characters created in collaboration with LINE Friends.

Leading the pack is Yoshinori‘s “Yochi” twirling his baton, followed by Jeongwoo‘s peppy “Woopy.”

Hyunsuk‘s purple “Chilli” has his same adorable face, while Junghwan‘s “Podong” has a galaxy for a mouth!

Mashiho‘s music-loving “Matetsu” is unmistakably his, while Jihoon‘s flower “Romy” sports his own face mole.

The cuties “Ruru” from Haruto and “Yedee” from Yedam are next…

…followed by Doyoung‘s squishy “Som” and Asahi‘s robot “Hikun.”

Last but not least are the adorable characters known as Junkyu‘s precious “Bonbon” and Jaehyuk‘s “Lawoo.”

All of the unique members together form TRUZ!

Check out the cheat sheet below to memorize the characters and their creators.

| @Treasure_Archive/Pinterest

Watch the full adorable video below!