YG Entertainment Releases Video About TREASURE’s Upcoming Comeback, But Fans Are Unhappy With Who Is Making The Announcement

“This man lives vicariously through the younger idols and shoves his face everywhere thinking he’s important.”

Despite TREASURE not even being a three-year-old group yet, their fans have long complained about their inconsistent schedule and lack of proper promotions or management. While other rookie groups of the fourth generation have generally been pretty consistent and releasing new music regularly, people have felt that TREASURE’s talents and potential have been under-utilized by YG Entertainment, and after the departure of Yedam and Mashiho in November last year, worries for the group’s future have grown.

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And so, the announcement that not only will TREASURE be releasing a full-length album in August, but will also debut their first sub-unit, was met with a lot of excitement from fans. However, the person making the announcement soured it for many.

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The announcement video, which was released on June 11, featured none other than Yang Hyun Suk explaining what the future held for TREASURE’s members.

The founder of YG Entertainment explained his plans for the future of TREASURE, who he said will be getting a “reboot” of sorts through different ways of promoting them and getting ready for their comeback.

He also shared that the new sub-unit, T5, was decided by the members raising their hands if they felt they were the most handsome in TREASURE. And so, these five self-proclaimed handsomest members of the K-Pop group will form their first sub-unit, a sort of “flower boy quintet”.

So far, Junghwan has been shared as the first member of the subunit, with the rest of the members to be announced shortly.

While fans are excited for the future of TREASURE and hope that this “reboot” will help build up their fanbase and popularity, many felt that Yang Hyun Suk being the one to make the announcement was not only unnecessary, but potentially damaging given the distaste that many people have for him.

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  • “I turned it off as soon as I saw Yang Hyun Suk’s face. So annoying.”
  • “…? Do they HAVE to share it this way?”
  • “Ha…”
  • “Can Mr. Yang please stop?”
  • “Show us the members. We don’t need to see your face.”
  • “Maybe he should work on the blog again instead. Just write it down, you know?”
  • “I thought he said in one of the BABYMONSTER videos that he’ll stay behind the cameras. What happened to that, Mr. Yang?”
  • “Listen to him making it sound like he was just so busy with work that he couldn’t tend to the group.”

We hope that TREASURE does see more success in the future, though, and that this reboot is helpful for their career!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa