TREASURE’s Jaehyuk Almost Catches On Fire, Fans Outraged By Stage Prop Malfunction

The member has since reassured his fans that he’s doing OK.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

During TREASURE‘s Bangkok leg of the 2023 tour “[HELLO],” a stage prop malfunction caused a dangerous and frightening experience for both the group members and the attending fans.

TREASURE in Bangkok, Thailand | @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

A flamethrower, which had been placed near the stage for a later performance, ignited at the wrong time for an unknown reason. The flames caught member Yoon Jaehyuk, who was passing next to the prop on his way to the stage.

TREASURE’s Yoon Jaehyuk | @ygent_official/Twitter

Jaehyuk acted quickly and sprinted away from the flamethrower—while other members paused the show and checked on him.

After stepping off stage for a bit, Jaehyuk returned with a large band over his right hand which, based on the clips shared from the scene, came in close contact with the flames.

| @dragonfromgaech/Twitter

The concert resumed, and eventually, Jaehyuk was able to remove the band from his hand. TREASURE fans were relieved as it hinted the potential wound wasn’t severe…

…but the outrage over what could have been a tragically dangerous situation grew online.

| theqoo
  • “Oh no… T-T Even if it looks like the member is doing OK, he should take some time off and get rest. Like, he must have been terrified. I’m so worried…”
  • “Wait, WTF? This is insane. That looks SCARY AF.”
  • “OMFG… F*cking frightening. What the hell… T-T I’m not even a TREASURE fan but I still got f*cking scared.”
  • “Oh, no. He must have been so shocked. I hope he’s being taken care after.”
  • “I’m so relieved that his outfit didn’t catch on fire. He should still go see a doctor, though… Damn, their fans must have been terrified.”
  • “Are those like… real flames?! In which case, how come the guards in front of the stage are standing around like nothing’s happening? If those are real flames, that was a dangerous moment that could’ve led to bigger problems. I can’t believe the staff didn’t even budge to stand up.”
  • “MY HEART IS LITERALLY RACING RIGHT NOW, what the hell? He thinks he’s OK now? NO YOU ARE NOT. He needs to go see a doctor right now. I have burn experience so this is traumatic as hell for me. The heat lasts a long time… I’m so worried.”
| theqoo
  • “This must have scared all of them… T-T”
  • “Oh, man. This must have been so frightening for not only TREASURE members, but for the fans there and the fans in Korea. Everyone must have been scared for the member… I’m relieved that he’s doing better, though. I still think he should see a doctor.”
  • “Sh*t, that must have been hot. That was TOO CLOSE. Geez.”
  • “WTF? Are those flames…? That was WAY too dangerous. I’m glad no one got too hurt. I feel bad for the member, he must have been terrified. And his teammates and fans, too.”
  • “Looks like he didn’t get burned because he walked out of it fast enough. Had he taken his time, his outfit could have caught on fire for sure. Safety should be everyone’s first priority… I’m disappointed at the staff reaction to what happened. I hope Jaehyuk gets the medical attention that he needs.”
  • “Oh, what the f*ck???”

The cause of the prop malfunction is unknown, and neither the management nor the venue has spoken about the incident since the end of the concert. The member, however, held a live broadcast to reassure the fans that he’s “totally fine.”

There is no problem. Look, see? These look the same, right? I’m fine. TOTALLY FINE! I heard that everyone is worried about me. So that’s why I… I’m really OK.

— Jaehyuk

Regardless, TREASURE fans and K-Pop fans worldwide remain concerned for the member and, in part, taken aback about the use of flamethrowers and other open fire props in concert settings.

| theqoo
  • “WTF? This could have led to a much worse situation. Did someone mess with the controls off stage or something? How come the flamethrower turned on? It’s not to blame the whole thing on someone, but… Yeah. I’m glad no one got too hurt. I bet the fans were terrified.”
  • “Whoa… Damn. That was dangerous.”
  • “Oh, no…”
  • “Looks like the member forgot that the flamethrower’s right there. There’s a manual switch around the prop. Is it possible that he came in contact with that?”
  • “Oh, poor Jaehyuk! I’m so glad that he’s not too hurt.”
Source: theqoo

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